Organising ‘The Jazz’ this year is proceeding well and we already have a Street Closure Order in place to help make this year bigger and better.

This order runs from midday Friday 11th to 6pm on Sunday 13th.

As part of creating the Festival atmosphere we are planning to set up street performance stages with a range of varied local and not so local artistes and bands. We will be staging events from Fri afternoon and early evening, Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoon
We want you to contact us on: if you would like to become an early part of this exciting Festival. We’re thinking about local musicians, choirs and bands so please contact us….

Making the Brecon Jazz Festival 2017 work:

This year there are going to be very few grant sources and so we are looking to Brecon traders and businesses to sponsor us in return for becoming a large part of the Jazz and sharing in the rewards it will bring to Brecon.

In return for your sponsorship you will get:

  • Street presence,
    An agreed ‘plot’ outside your business, in which you can set up your ‘stall’; sitting, eating and drinking areas for the visitors to the town to enjoy. It’s worth noting that with a big successful ‘Jazz’ well over £1 million will be brought into Brecon for local traders and businesses to share.
  • Low-cost national advertising through our web sites and social media, publicity information, programmes etc.
    Dependant on sponsorship levels we secure we will be able to make  ‘The Brecon Jazz Festival 2017’    a major event in the national calendar again. Your early agreements will be sought during June by us contacting you and discussing how big a part you want to play in helping us.